Theme of the Month: History


We’ve reached the six-month mark of 2017, and how fast the time flies! While it may be summer holidays elsewhere in the world, the Taylor’s Book Club are buckling down to settle our coursework for the remainder of the semester. ‘History’ is the theme of the month, and we all know the past catches up to us eventually! Why not share a story about a past event? It may even provide clarity to you in the present. As always, past themed prompts remain open for submission throughout the year!

  1. Write a story based on your past history with a person who eventually became your best friend.
  2. Pick your favourite historical movie / television show and imagine what your life  would be like if you lived in that time period.
  3. You are a time traveller tasked with protecting the integrity of monumental historical events. A rogue colleague has hijacked a wormhole and trapped you in a particular time period – where and when are you, and what will you do next?
  4. If you could re-write your personal history, what details would you omit or add in order to achieve your ideal history?

Detailed below are the guidelines to be adhered to when submitting via the website’s Contact/Submissions tab:

  • All manners of written submissions (prose, poetry, short stories, opinion pieces, etc.) are welcome in response to prompts — unless otherwise specified in any given prompt.
  • Poetry submissions should not exceed 150 lines in length.
  • Submissions of short stories should fall in a designated range of 1,500 – 3,000 words.
  • Aside from the above-stated content, all written entries of other sorts should not exceed 1,500 words.

Best wishes,The Taylor’s Book Club


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