[ calamity kills ]

Calamity Kills

i screamed at my reflection

and ate my pain,

one fine midnight:

“if atlas could shoulder the world,

then you can let them all step on yours;

you are unallowed the privilege of suffering,

so take it and stomach it.”

if only i lent a valiant ear.

if only i was martyred well.

i am sick with sorrow and anguish,

and the rot, the morality

has made my lungs filthful;

so what good is a noose,

what good is a vow,

when Melpomene cannot usurp my painted Thalia,

when elder-sludge violates the space between my eyes;

I will patch the world with my flesh––


{ i wouldn’t have it any other way. }

Written by contributor Kari H. (visit her blog at http://aoirie.wordpress.com/ for more works!)


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