Recommendation: eyes I dare not meet in dreams by Sunny Moraine

illustrated by Yuki Shimizu

eyes i dare not meet in dreams is a short piece of fiction that takes its time in establishing the world it is set in, where dead girls emerge from their not-so-final resting places and make their way to civilised society. Understandably, not everyone has a positive reaction to the phenomenon.

An excerpt from,

The dead girls climbed into the light in junkyards, in vacant lots, in the jumble of shit behind ancient disreputable institutions one might kindly call antique stores. The dead girls climbed out in ravines and ditches and on lonely beaches and in dry riverbeds. Wet riverbeds. The dead girls climbed out into feet and fathoms of water. The dead girls climbed into the air but they also clawed their way out of long-deposited sediment and new mud, like zombies and vampires tearing their way out of graves. The dead girls swam, swam as far as they needed to, and broke the surface like broken doll mermaids.

This is how the story goes. But the story also goes that no one was present at the time, in the first days, so no one is entirely sure how the story got to be there at all. Or at least how it got to be something everyone accepts as truth, which they do.

Moraine clinches the unsettling feeling that builds with each subsequent descriptor of the dead girls and their relentless, unyielding efforts to get to their intended destination. At one point, the author showcases an attempt by the media to interview them but ultimately unable to procure a response from any of the dead girls.

A closer analysis of this piece proposes that the author drew inspiration from the trope of female characters being ‘refrigerated’ or killed in order to advance the character development of a male protagonist; one of the dead girls is also referenced as emerging from a refrigerator. It is quite an interesting theory as the sheer throng of dead girls could be interpreted as possibly reflecting the actual number of actual female figures killed off.


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