Physical Books vs eBooks by Jacey

Okay, so we have all probably had this debate before with others as well as even with our own selves – do we get a better reading experience from reading physical copies of our books or from our mobile devices?

Good old traditional books have been around for centuries and it is not until the past decade that our choices of reading methods were widened when e-books were introduced. Whether you are on team Physical Books or eBooks, it is good to weigh out the pros and cons of both to see which one is the right reading style for you.


Physical books are definitely on the pricier side, especially if you are a dedicated collector. Even paperbacks come at a steep price these days, what more the hardbacks. E-books take the cake for this one because they are sold at a significantly lower price. Publishers would also occasionally put up offers for their e-books priced at $0.99 and sometimes, you could even get them for free. However, there is a certain satisfaction that comes with seeing your collection of physical books add and grow, despite it often leaving huge holes in your pocket.


There is no denial that in this generation, technology has pretty much taken over the world, so it is no surprise that most people own a mobile device. Due to this, e-books are pretty much at the tip of your fingers and you could read them almost anywhere and at any time. You would literally be carrying an entire library in your own pocket. On the other hand, physical books are obviously heavier and would take more space, but would be safer to bring around. For example, bringing a book to the beach and leaving it behind as you go for a swim would be less worrying compared to leaving a $100 Kindle unattended.


Many book lovers would argue that reading from a physical book provides an experience like no other – the smell and the texture of the pages are something that cannot be replicated when reading an e-book. Flipping between pages to search for certain parts are also much easier when it comes to physical books. However, to some, the smell of books is nothing special, but the dust that the books collect is something of a nuisance. The special functions available on e-book applications, such as highlighting and bookmarking options, also come in handy and many readers enjoy having these to use while reading.

All in all, reading from both physical books and e-books have their good and bad points in contributing to our reading experience. Your reading style is your own choice, so it is completely up to you if you choose to read a physical copy or through a mobile device, or even if you would rather listen to an audio book. In the end, what matters is that you get to read all the books that you want and enjoy every single moment of it.